Basic Information: Complementary Tests


In addition to our foundational panel and baseline test,  we offer optional complementary tests.

These optional tests provide complementary information to the Foundational Panel.

For example: The Foundational Panel may reveal high eosinophils (a type of white blood cell) which could indicate a parasite infestation, a food sensitivity or allergies. Our parasite specific test will indicate negative/positive results, type of parasite and infestation severity. Our food sensitivity profile will reveal either 96 or 187 potential allergenic foods.


In like manner, our other optional tests provide information that may enhance our understanding of your health and direct us towards additional treatment options that may speed up your process of recover or your arrival at optimum health.


These Additional Tests Include:

Candida Test

Food Sensitivity Profile

Intestinal Permeability

Neurotransmitter Evaluation

Omega 3:6 Ratio

Oxidative Stress Evaluation

Stool Analysis and Parasitology

Toxic Non-Metal Chemicals