Basic Information: Foundational Panel

Science based nutritional testing is based upon a 55 individual test blood analysis, a hair analysis measuring 22 normal minerals and 18 toxic minerals, an in-office 10 function urinalysis and  a take-home stool test. The test incorporates vital measurements (blood pressure, blood oxygen, height and weight) and any and all prescription or non-prescription medications you may use. It also incorporates a thorough 781 question patient symptom questionnaire. The patient data along with the test results are compiled and processed together through a patented computer program, to provide you with the most accurate and thorough assessment of your health status.

Blood Analysis:

While most routine blood tests only measure for  25-35 separate values, our complete blood analysis is based on 7 profiles and measure 55 different values. This panel will identify your blood type, check your blood sugar levels, evaluate the function and health of your organs, evaluate thyroid function, measure total and individual cholesterol levels, evaluate your blood health, check for excessive iron storage in the body, detect and evaluate short term and chronic inflammation in the body that may be linked to chronic diseases and infections, evaluates basic functions that can influence brain health, checks your vitamin D level (which affects hundreds of bodily processes).

Hair Analysis:

Blood testing isn’t always an accurate indicator of the body’s mineral levels. Because optimal blood health is your body’s priority, in-order to compensate for any mineral deficiency in the blood, your body will withdraw minerals from other tissues at their expense. For this reason our hair analysis checks 22 normal minerals and 18 toxic minerals. Not only do mineral levels found into the hair directly correlate with levels in  your organs and tissues, a hair analysis will also reveal toxic minerals which may be interfering with the absorption and utilization of healthy minerals.

Urine Analysis:

Our in-office urinalysis is a 10 function test that screens for a broad spectrum of potential health issues.

Stool Test:

This is a take home stool test, used to check for blood in the stool.