Hair Analysis

Measures 22 essential minerals, including calcium, magnesium, chromium, zinc, copper and selenium and 18 toxic minerals including aluminum, arsenic, lead, mercury, silver, and cadmium. The levels of these minerals in the hair are correlated with levels in the body’s organs and other tissues.  Essential minerals are co-factors for hundreds of important enzymes required for metabolic processes within the body, and are also necessary for the normal functions of vitamins. Toxic minerals may be damaging to the body and could cause a broad spectrum of potential health conditions. Our hair analysis will not only reveal possible high levels of toxic minerals in your body but also indicate if your body is not eliminating any potentially toxic minerals efficiently. Under both circumstances you may experience a wide variety of symptoms.

Test Method: Hair Sample


In the process of evaluating your health, we will discuss with you any health issue(s) discovered that requires referral to another health care provider.





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