Sinusitis, Sinus Pain & Congestion

What is the best treatment for sinus pain and congestion? Is it antibiotics? Most often, no. In fact, there is little evidence to support the use of penicillin, amoxicillin, and other antibiotics for the treatment of sinusitis.

The overuse of antibiotics in such cases can lead to the creation of antibiotic resistant bacteria, compounding the problem. Plus, antibiotics may reduce the infection the first time but it will also kill off all of your good bacteria [which you need for a healthy immune system]. This is going to leave you more susceptible to bigger and more frequent infections.

Why are you getting sinus infections?

Why isn’t your body healthy enough to fight off the invaders? We offer a safe alternative to antibiotics in the management of chronic or recurrent sinusitis. With the focus on increasing the health of your body, they will implement a strategy that addresses the underlying cause of sinusitis, namely an unhealthy immune system, poor lifestyle habits, and nutrient deficiencies. A combination of physical examination and appropriate laboratory testing can reveal the status of these fundamental dysfunctions, allowing us to determine the most effective and appropriate action to correct them. By addressing the underlying cause or causes of chronic sinusitis, we can help you achieve effective, permanent relief and restore your good health and well-being.